Please Call or Text at 760-702-8099 to check availability on your Event Date.

In order to reserve one of our 3 Photo Booths you will need to deposit at least 50% in advance, you may do that by first calling 760-702-8099 and check availability, if date it’s open we will sent you a link to pay thru PayPal, once your payment it’s confirmed we will save a photo booth for you, Later on any weekday you must stop by our office to sign the contract, all services must be pay at least 10 days before your event.

Photo Booth Includes the Following:

  • MacBook Pro Computer with Photo Booth Software
  • 3 Hour Service  (additional hour is $100.00)
  • Custom Template (Wedding – Quinceañera – Birthday – Etc, Etc.
  • Professional Photographic Camera with 50mm 1.8 Lens
  • Professional Flash Lighting System
  • Fast Photo Printer (printing one copy per session)
  • iPad to Share your Pictures
  • Standard Props
  • Online Photo Gallery and Download Rights
  • Full Setup and Teardown
  • One Associated Helping Your Guest
  • One of Five Backdrop Choices and Backdrop Support

Our Pricing for 3 Hours Photo Booth it’s $600.00


Why we don’t use webcam and continuous light?

If you have that question we like it! And we want to explain it a little bit, we had gone thru all those options and we never felt comfortable with the quality of webcam and an alway on light, (continuous light) and of course we invest and software, a good quality webcam and a professional continuous light, but thats not the problem, the problem is than all those components work in a automated way, there are no settings to go and adjust Exposition, Sutter Speed or ISO, etc. Then when a group of guest steps in front of the webcam wearing sometimes pure black or pure white the automated setting of the webcam doesn’t know how to make corrections and over expose or under expose the pictures, aside from that webcams quality cannot be compared to a Professional Photographic Camera like the one we use, the Canon Mark ll.