A Little bit about our Photo Booth History

"Get to know how we got into the Photo Booth Industry since 2013"
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Our Photo Booth History

Our photo booth history started in 2013, in an event in Indian Palm C.C., where we saw for the first time a photo booth and we saw a potential service we can offer our customers, we built our first photo booth out of Home Depot supplies. It took us about a month to finish it and at the end we realized that it weigh a lot. To transport it, it took a truck and two people to unload. After our fifth photo booth event, we decided to go lighter. I took out all the parts and just used a Windows laptop with a webcam, printer, and some powerful lamps. After that, I wanted to improve it even more. The system was portable and lightweight but quality was not good enough. I searched for a better software what would offer better capabilities like, email and sms sharing. I decided to use Mac computers and ended up with a decent photo booth, built around a MacBook Pro computer, Canon 5D ll camera, Alien Bee Flash, Beauty Dish, Sony Tripod and a printer. Our new favorite software allowed us to email, sms and transfer pictures by Airdrop through an iPad. After that, I decided to improve the photo booth even more. I wanted to improve the photo booth look, the esthetics side of it. Then in the 2016 WPPI we fell in love with a local photo booth company and their product. It was exactly what I was looking for!!! One drawback was price, yes price and their products are not cheap by any means. After eight months we bought our new top of the line photo booth from them and our six beautiful backgrounds. Now in 2018 we are very proud to feature anĀ Elegant and Portable photo booth with the highest quality in lighting, printing, and our gorgeous backgrounds options for our clients, for their one of a lifetime celebrations.